(Un)documented Trails

TALK sans papiers

Posted in Event by Thomas Laureyssens on April 29, 2009

During the Micronomics festival several artistic interventions will be presented on the Sans-Papiers issues in Brussels. In this public event, the artists give an audiovisual report on their actions in the 3 days of festival. The Sans-Papiers that participated in these projects will get a platform to share their experiences and interact with the public.

TALK sans papiers@ Micronomics Festival
sa-za 02/05/09 – 18:30 > 20:00 – free/gratis
Corner rue d’Alost & A.Dansaert – 1000 BXL – Belgium

– De Tafel Keuken – La Table Cuisine
– (R)apporter – portrait habit(er)
– Luistertoets – Test de compréhension orale
Undocumented Trails


Undocumented Trails @ Micronomics festival

Posted in Event by Thomas Laureyssens on April 27, 2009

The Undocumented Trails project will be presented at the Brussels’ Micronomics Festival on Friday May 1st 2009 – International workers day – from 13:00 till 19:00.  More information can be found here.

On Saturday 2/5/2009 at 18:30 Undocumented Trails will be part of the public discussion Talk Sans Papiers together with other projects, about how socio-artistic project can activate dialogues and more understanding between citizens and sans-papiers.

Undocumented Trails

Posted in Project Description by bruxteebee on April 27, 2009

The Undocumented Trails project will set up a marketplace where the public can ‘contract’ Sans Papiers workers through a simulated documentation procedure. This process seeks to exchange points of urban experience between the public and un-documented workers.

The work that will be traded is atypical: the workers need to walk every single street in a defined zone of Brussels with a GPS track logger. Upon the return from their trip, the GPS data is visualised and evaluated, so that at the end of the Micronomics festival the entire map of central Brussels will be colored meticulously. Walked routes are negotiated, traversing zones of mutual engagement – underscoring and stimulating a space for empowering working conditions. The streets and the visualized tracks become a testing ground to accentuate issues of documentation and migrancy, literally leaving a ‘paper trail’.

The absurdity of the work is a provocation that enlists everyone to activate and contribute to this collaborative and détourned micro-economy.